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In October, 2017 Colorado is changing to a mandatory continuing education system. There are several changes to how this system will work over the older PDU process.

Each licensed electrician is now required to take 24 hours of continuing education over the course of each three year renewal cycle. This is the equivalent of one, eight hour class per year. DORA will provide a list of Provider, Instructor, and Courses that have been preapproved by the Board. Online courses will also be preappoved by the Colorado State Electrical Board.

In addition to the traditional four courses that were required for PDU credit, the Board has added one additional course that my be taken by electricians to fulfill the CE requirement. This is "Electrical Safety."

The new system requires that all courses, instructors, and providers be approved by the Board. Each will be provided a unique identification number, which must be present on all certificates issued to participants. A participant's electrical license number must also be present on all certificates issued.

Each provider will then upload an attendance list to the Board. This must include all course identifier information as well a participant identifier. This will be your electrical license number. Therefore, you will be required to provide your license number when registering for a course, and produce this license for inspection by the instructor along with a valid photo ID.

Stay tuned for more information, as it becomes available.




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